Heidi Spielman believes that an exceptional agent should prioritize not only protecting their clients’ best interests but also valuing their time. Drawing from her past experience as a hotel manager, she possesses a wealth of expertise in negotiating contracts and delivering a high level of hospitality. Heidi understands that her clients deserve an agent who will fiercely advocate for them during negotiations while providing personalized support throughout the real estate process.

Recognizing the growing significance of virtual platforms, Heidi considers it her responsibility to keep her clients well-informed. For sellers, she goes the extra mile by creating 3D virtual tours of their properties. This approach not only generates immediate interest upon listing but also minimizes the intrusion of numerous individuals visiting their homes. Similarly, for buyers, Heidi creates virtual tours of potential properties, enabling them to view houses from the comfort of their own homes. This strategy ensures that clients only visit a select few properties that genuinely captivate their interest, reducing unnecessary physical visits.

Heidi’s unique real estate approach stems from the seamless transfer of skills developed during her tenure as a hotel manager. Negotiating multi-million dollar contracts was a routine part of her hotel industry experience, making her negotiation skills second nature when representing her clients. Moreover, her background in the hotel industry has honed her ability to anticipate and preemptively address potential issues—an essential aspect of both hospitality and real estate.

Lastly, while many agents claim to offer hospitality, Heidi’s background instills her clients with confidence that this promise holds true. She understands that her clients deserve peace of mind, knowing that she will manage the logistics and overall real estate experience from day one. Heidi strives to provide her clients with a seamless and stress-free transaction, leveraging her hospitality expertise to create a truly exceptional real estate experience.