Biggest Income Producing Years with the Platinum Living Brand.

I have been a Realtor for over 13 years and joined Jay & Michelle (Broker/ Owners) Macklin 4 years ago. My 2nd & 3rd year with the Platinum Living brand were my biggest income producing years as a Realtor. It was in large part because of Jay and the great support from staff that I achieved my goals and that I continue to have success in my business. Jay is not a competing Broker-he is there to help each Agent be the best Realtor they can be and be successful. If you are a Realtor looking for a great office that provides all the tools you could possibly need to be a Top Agent, you owe it to yourself to give Jay a call and meet with him. You will not regret it. Thanks for everything Jay!

John Maltese


I joined Jay and Michelle a little over a year ago and I couldn’t be more grateful for switching to this AMAZING team. Jay is hands on, easy to talk to, always available and he is brilliant. Savvy in tech, market trends, negotiating, contracts….I could go on and on. I believe he is building his team in a thoughtful and processed way, which I really appreciate. Many Brokers are all about numbers and Jay is about QUALITY agents, not quantity. I am proud to be an Agent at this Brokerage.

Lindsay Rusk

Savvy with Today’s Marketing, Technology & Social Media

I’ve been with Jay and Michelle for over a year and love the positive energy, support and collaboration among the agents. Jay is very savvy with today’s marketing, technology and social media presence and offers great support to his agents on how to use these to grow and advance our business. Jay definitely takes the Platinum Living brand to the next level.

Kaye Hert

Everything they do is First Class!!

Having worked with Jay in a professional category and through our coaching program for years, I have seen first hand how Jay and Michelle took their business to the amazing level it is at today and growing. I switched from my previous office because Jay has the actual hands on knowledge and success to truly help and coach other agents. He is a great speaker and marketing and tech guru. He knows what works. As a national coach with a premier coaching program, Jay is by far the most knowledgeable Broker/Owner you will ever work with and he shares it all with his agents. if your looking to grow your business, he gives you a road map with all the tools you could possibly need. The information you receive gives you a jump start to success or if your a seasoned agent, as I was, gives you the advanced tools to help you go to whatever level your looking for. What Jay and Michelle have accomplished is incredible! Everything they do is First Class!!

Melanie Sanders

We will stay forever because of the Macklin’s dedication

We joined Platinum Living Realty because of their cutting-edge, techno-savvy lead generation strategies, their beautiful offices in premier locations, and their wonderful support staff. We will stay forever because of the Macklin’s dedication to mastermind training and strategy, their personal one-on-one approach to management and education, and because we get to rub shoulders with some of the kindest, most successful real estate professionals in the valley.

You continue to be awesome and we continue to love working for you, Jay.

Patrick Bailey

How can we help you grow

I am going on my sixth year in Real Estate and I have learned more in the last four months here at Platinum Living Realty about building a Real Estate business than I have learned in the previous five years. Not only that, the location, the environment, and the staff all has the same perspective of the broker, “How can we help you grow.” Jay is one of the only brokers, coaches, and leaders in Real Estate that I have ever heard say; “We are just having fun.” I am here at PLR due to his Leading, Teaching, and Abundant perspective on Real Estate, and it has paid off very well in a short time.

Kevin Stark

5 Stars All The Way

5 Stars All The Way – Best Real Estate Team in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix Arizona.

Michael J.